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The abandoned house at 901 sat lonely and empty since the early 1950’s. The single family home, with it’s empty windows and silent halls attracted attention from local children and teens over the years. 

Locals often call it haunted but every so often someone was dared to go inside, however, it wasn’t rare for the person to disappear completely. Or worse, come out gibbering nonsense and failing to gain their mind back afterwards. 

But why? What could be so horrendous inside that people’s sanity crumbled? You and your friends have decided to find out. You’ve gathered every scrap of evidence you could get your hand on, and discovered little. The last family to live there were Jane and Jerald Robinson, a happy couple with children. A news article you had dug up detailed a strange exit from the home. No packing was done. No pre-planned moving. It was as if they had suddenly fled in the middle of the night. 

Even stranger still, though the article talked about 2 children, it only mentioned a son. Why did this family leave and why is only one child identified?

Your fearless group has decided to answer these questions for yourselves. Stepping foot on the property. In the window, a light flickers, and the sound of a girl’s high-pitched giggle echoes as you open the front door. Will you discover where this ghostly giggle originates?

 Or will you too, become it’s victim?

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This game is recommended for ages 14 and up. All players must sign a waiver and all players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. A pdf version of the waiver can be found here if a parent or guardian wishes to give consent without accompanying a player under 18 in person.

Please Arrive 15 Minutes Early for Appointment

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