43% success rate.  Record time 48:49.  Average Escape time 52:44

Dean Waylon is the front man of the band, Us, Them, Or Dean. Tonight, they will be performing the kick-off show of their concert run at the Colosseum Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Over his four-decade career, life in the limelight left Dean increasingly indulgent and jaded. Fans and critics alike have been predicting his retirement for a while now. Sure enough, Dean recently announced that this production will be his last.

As the music reporter for the local paper, you’ve got your backstage pass, and you’re eager to interview Dean while he is still an active performer. The show starts soon, and you’ve been sitting for ages with the other reporters in the media room - Dean is running late. However, as more time passes, it’s becoming clear that something is wrong.

Checking in Dean’s dressing room, his manager finds Dean’s personal belongings, but no sign of Dean. Word circulates around the backstage, and the crowd of onlookers become increasingly suspicious as security tries to manage the situation. While the other reporters race to be the first to blog this curious development, you discreetly slip into Dean’s dressing room.

Find the clues and solve the puzzles as you retrace the career of Dean Waylon. If you’re quick, you can get the scoop on his disappearance before security catches you.

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This game is recommended for ages 14 and up. All players must sign a waiver and all players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. A pdf version of the waiver can be found here if a parent or guardian wishes to give consent without accompanying a player under 18 in person.

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